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About us


Our center is built to promote and upgrade CGU’s research capacities. In the year 2006-2010 or Phase I “The Top Universities” program of Ministry of Education, we placed emphasis on the Discovery of Biomarkers. This theme has been developed through the systematic identification of tumor specific macromolecules, including proteins, mRNA, microRNA, methylated DNA and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). For the next 5 years, we will take the critical next step towards translational research and personalized medicine by integrating the biomarkers discovered in the Phase I and put them to clinical applications. The goal will build on our current research efforts in identifying biomarkers for early detection, prognosis and therapeutics.

1)      Sole Research Institution Focused on Cancer Biomarkers: Our Center is the only academic center in Taiwan with its research focusing on Cancer Biomarker and Translational Medicine.

2)      Strong Research CapabilityOur center consists of 10 core facilities and multiple research platforms developed are in fact suitable for the biomarker study of any diseases.

3)      Basic/Clinical Integration: More than 70 faculty members, 100 researchers/clinicians from CGU and CGMH, respectively, as well as 250 graduate students are actively participating in the Center’s programs. We always exert a concerted effort to promote our basic and clinical medical sciences, and excel ourselves in research and education.


Central Theme

Molecular Medicine Research Center (MMRC) continues focusing on the “Cancer Biomarker” theme, while extend our research towards “Translational Medicine”.



Our missions are to promote research and to train/teach young talents.

1)      Research: Our missions is to (1) engage in the translational medicine research of Biomarkers; (2) maintain and upgrade scientific infrastructure, including the launch of new research platforms, and (3) establish mechanisms by the systematic analysis of the biological functions of cancer biomarkers for underlined diseases.

2)      Training and cultivation of young talents: To enhance the research capability and train the young talents in “Biomarker” research. We share our facilities, equipments, and cutting edge knowledge with graduate and undergraduate students from CGU and other universities.

3)      Services and Teaching: MMRC cores provide technical and consulting services to researchers and students. We joined the Pilot Educational Programs sponsored by the Advisory Office of Ministry of Education. In 2006-2009, we supported 4 sub-programs: “Molecular Diagnosis”, “Genomics and Proteomics”, “Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering”, and “Bioinformatics and Systems Biology” in thePilot Educational Programs in Biotechnology and Biomedicine”. In the summer of 2010, we expanded the courses to support the new “Pilot Educational Programs in Translational Medicine and Agriculture”.



International Collaborations

Since CGU has become a founding member of the Global Biosignature Network that was launched in June 2010, led by Professor Hartwell, the 2001 Nobel Laureate and the leader of the International Cancer Biomarker Consortium (ICBC). 

Research Plan

We have established 10 research cores and multiple platforms for biomarker research. Our focuses are on [1] Translational Medicine;[2] Maintenance, Upgrading and New Development of Core Facilities; and [3] Cancer Biology.