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NGS Genomics Core Lab


The high-throughput technique is a prelude to the post-genomic generation. As a critical technical breakthrough in decades, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is helping researchers to comprehensively and systematically analyze genetic variation among sequence, expressional level and epigenetic, etc., with profound impact on basic and clinical research. With NGS as the main platform, this core lab was set up to study the most advanced genomics, epigenomics, and systems biology topics.  In particular, we are focusing on studying several unique and high-incidence diseases in Taiwan. We strive to improve early diagnosis, pre-treatment assessment, post-treatment follow-up and ultimately the precision medicine of these diseases. 



  1. To establish in-house genomic database of Taiwan tumor samples.
  2. To map disease Biosignatures disease for early diagnosis and post-treatment assessment. 
  3. To discover and evaluate new Molecular targets for precision medicine and therapeutics of cancer.
  4. To develop advanced NGS platforms and their applications in health-care diagnostics.
  5. To create an environment for advancing technical development, promoting industry-university cooperative researches and cultivating domestic talents in disease genomics.

Major Techniques

DNA sequencing platform

  1. Whole exome sequencing
  2. Methylation sequencing
  3. Targeted re-sequencing
  4. Bacterial 16S sequencing
  5. CHIP sequencing
  6. cfDNA target sequencing

RNA sequencing platform

  1. polyA RNA sequencing
  2. Ribominus RNA sequencing
  3. capture-based RNA sequencing
  4. Small RNA sequencing
  5. exosome small RNA sequencing
  6. Immune repertoire sequencing
  7. Single cell RNA sequencing

Contact Info

Tel.:03-2118800 ext: 5529
Location: Molecular Medicine Research Center, A area in 9F, 1st medical science building, Chang Gung University.
(Please deliver the inside mails to NGS core lab of Molecular Medicine Research Center )


Members of NGS Genomics Core Lab


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